Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bangkok Experimental Film Festival!

Chiang Mai movies update, Friday, July 18

by Thomas Ohlson

Experimental Film Festival starts 2nd weekend

Week two of the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival 5 begins tonight Friday, July 18, with a program called Test Patterns – a 65-minute program of focusing on the mass media, from YouTube to Big Brother, as media artists riff on and remix the familiar of everyday life.

The films will be shown at 7 pm at Film Space, which is to the right and in the back of the CMU Art Museum, in the Media Arts and Design building, across from the ballet school, on the 2nd floor. Or perhaps the roof.

Admission is free to all screenings.

Details on tonight’s screening: Eleven short films.

1. Chulayarnnon Siriphol (TH): Wat tu song klom, 2.07 mins, 2007.

2. Soda_Jerk (Dan & Dominique Angeloro) (Australia): Astro Black: A History of Hip Hop (Episode 1), 6.35 mins, 2007.

3. Nonthawat Numbenchapol (TH): Atomica, 3.06 mins, 2006.

4. Daniel Rodrigo (UK): Fashion Death, 4.37 mins, 2007.

5. Nawagarn Rachanak (TH): Thaumatrope, 4.20 mins, 2006.

6. Christopher Fulham (Australia): Runners, 3.16 mins, 2006.

7. Jesse La Flair (USA): Finding Himself in A Thaumatrope, 5.00 mins, 2007.

8. Louis Marlborough & Olive Barrett (Ireland): Beat, 3.17 mins, 2007.

9. Arpapun Plungsirisoontorn (TH): Repeating Dramatic, 8.08 mins, 2008.

10. Stuart Pound (UK): Dominant Culture, 14.54 mins, 2008.

11. Angelo Picozzi (UK): 00:06:03:08, 6.03 mins, 2006.

Saturday’s program, tomorrow, July 19: Track Changes – another 65-minute program, this one reflecting on the role of the media in the making – and the forgetting – of political history. Ten films responding to Thailand’s political flux since 2006, including three films made on the night of the September 19 coup d’├ętat.

Sunday’s program, July 20: Daily Rounds – an 85-minute collection of new Thai works devoted to the cycles of everyday life. Experimental films that reveal what is extraordinary about the ordinary, what is timeless about the everyday.

The Bangkok Experimental Film Festival 5 (BEFF 5) is a program of experimental films, independent short films, and experimental documentaries presented by the company of the acclaimed Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul, in association with the Thai Film Foundation and the independent arts organization Project 304.

This is the touring version of BEFF 5, which ran in Bangkok in March of this year, the fifth year of the festival. The festival in Chiang Mai began last Sunday (July 13) and runs through July 27.