Thursday, November 5, 2009

Payap Reel schedule

At Payap Reel on Monday, November 16 at 5 pm

The Film Series Payap Reel is a community project which screens films/documentaries once a month on regional issues, social awareness, and international topics. Viewings are free and open to the public. At Payap University in the Pentecost Bldg, Room 419, from 5 pm until 6:30. For further information, contact Jessica Loh at


At Payap Reel on Monday, November 16Song of the Stork / Vũ khúc con cò / Vu khuc con co (2001) by Jonathan Foo and Phan Quang Binh Nguyen – 111 mins – Vietnam/ Singapore, Drama – Song of the Stork (with English subtitles) is the first Vietnam-produced movie about the "American War" that focuses on the theme of reconciliation. The film follows the lives of five young recruits from the North who went South to fight. It also includes conversations between an American veteran of the war and a Vietnamese combat film maker. Some of his actual war footage is used in the movie. The producer and director belong to a new generation of post-war Vietnamese film artists who are less constrained by either the ideals of socialism or the memory of the war itself.


The film will be briefly introduced by Dr. Ho Nguyen, Professor Emeritus of Economics and Director of Asia Initiatives, St. Mary's College of Maryland, who is a friend of the producer and some of the actors. Dr. Nguyen will also be available to discuss the movie at the end of the screening.


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