Saturday, October 23, 2010

Doi Saket Film Festival 2010 - Update 2

Here is my weekly tabulation of movies and times for Airport Plaza and Kad Suan Kaew beginning 1 March

Update 2 – Day 1 Schedule and Films

Chiang Mai movies: 1st Doi Saket International Film Festival 2010!  

by Thomas Ohlson


The festival gets underway today with opening ceremonies at 5 pm at Wat Doi Saket.

For latest information, check their Facebook page here.


DAY 1: Saturday, October 23, 5-10 pm at Wat Doi Saket


Opening ceremony at Srisupa-Akson Building, Doi Saket Temple, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai Province.

A resident of Doi Saket gives this information about getting to the location: “This is at the temple site of Doi Saket on the hill in the middle of Doi Saket. Behind the market, go up the hill. At the top of the hill turn left.


Screening of the opening films.


I-Jang : The Woodcarver / ไอ้จ๊าง (2010-HD) directed by Kornwalai Chai-in – 15 mins – Thai, Drama – In Thai, with English subtitles.

Hand-Painted Feathers / Kinulayang Kiti / ไอ้จ๊าง (2009-DV) directed by Richard S. Legaspi – 24 mins – Philippines, Drama – In Tagalog, with English subtitles.

“Kinulayang Kiti” (Hand-Painted Feathers) is a moving tale of surviving the harsh realities of urban life, centering on the struggle of a young boy named Kit, whose father was murdered in a labor rally. His last resort is to believe in a superstition that by placing live chicks on his father’s casket, their pecks will serve as stabs to the killer’s conscience.


Lost and Found (2008-35 mm) directed by Noth Thongsriphong – 47 mins – Thai, Drama – In Thai, with English subtitles.

A story of two sisters with the same father but different mothers and how they came together through what they have lost.

Napa, the elder sister, lost the love of her life, her birth mother, and was blaming herself for letting that happen.

Pym, the younger sister, after spending 20 years in an orphanage met a man she gave all her heart to, and dreamed of living the rest of her life with him. But her dream couldn’t come true as he never loved her.

In Pranburi, from tracking her father’s old house’s address, Pym was finally able to meet her only living family member, Napa (her half sister), on the day that Napa’s mother dies. Loss brought two people together to share their sorrow and learn to overcome their grief together.

Wise Kwai: Noth debuted his highly polished short drama Lost and Found at the World Film Festival of Bangkok in 2008.

Always NL: A 45mins film by a strong newcomer, Noth Thongsriphong, capturing lives of long lost half sisters who both have lost the ones they love... and discover the new relationship while getting to know each other's pasts. Meaningful words, full of feelings and beautifully shot! The screening at SFX Central World on July 8 was a success... Congratulations!

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