Saturday, July 30, 2011

Update 4

Last schedule for this year’s festival!

Chiang Mai movies – EU Film Festival Listings, Update 4

by Thomas Ohlson

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Below (Chart 5) are some comments on the films showing today (Saturday, July 30) and tomorrow (Sunday, July 31). I did it! I got the comments out! Whew!

Be advised that there are overflowing crowds at some screenings, for which the size of Cinema 7 is not at all sufficient. Plan on getting there early if you hope for a seat; many are sitting on the floor.

On Sunday there was a miscalculation when figuring the schedule, leaving them short by about half an hour for the film Cell 211. As a result, the last two films on Sunday have revised start times (4:40 pm for Cell 211 and 7:05 or thereabouts for An Ordinary Execution). Check at the EU Festival Desk outside Vista Cinema 7.

However, give it some leeway anyway, just to be sure. Remember that Vista staff have a tendency to start the last movie of the day ten or fifteen minutes early, so they can go home sooner. One of their traditions.

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